22 Oct 2018

Minitel, Linux, Eurocenter : 3 impressives projects, one man ! Discover his story

Image Minitel, Linux, Eurocenter : 3 impressives projects, one man ! Discover his story

All the big firms collaborated with the king of the digital world. Going from Minitel, the only network of information dissemination during his childhood to Linux, a well-known company worldwide, to Eurocenter, his own company, he has proven to be a talented, determined and curious man.

It is essential to know that all this happened thanks to the discovery of his two passions: video games and information networks. Before reaching his ends, he was like everyone else, discreet in his own corner and was a video games addict. Indeed, his career began when he was only fourteen and has continued to pursue his career in his favorite sector until today, now at the age of 49.

How did it all begin?

During the 1970s, many video games existed, the most famous one was a game called Pong. The first contact of the young developer with this game happened when he was only six years old, and things happened by themselves until his very first creation. Here are some steps regarding this process:

  • Initiation to the video game Pong at the age of six
  • Revelation of his passion for video games
  • The wish to create and try something new
  • Revelation of his second passion for information in every way
  • Creation of his own game at the age of 14
  • Release of his game to all

After his first game was available to all, big and small, many people were more and more interested. The fact that at a young age he managed to develop a fluid and fun game stunned people.

1989: the year of a revelation

Indeed, by creating his Tank game from the old Sharp PC-1211 machines and ZX81 machines, the French hit knocked on his door as he entered the microcosm of French games.

Later on he decided to work with Minitel. This allowed him, among other things, to be able to live on his two passions. In 1989, he created his own firm, a company specifically dedicated to video game production.

This company is indeed the fruit of his work wishing to offer to all a free digital world based on the logic of entrepreneurship. At the same time, he had control over the game development network and all information networks through his collaboration with various companies in the digital sector.

GraalOnline: the famous multiplayer game

By creating his company, Stéphane Portha developed the GraalOnline game in 1998 to offer everyone a multiplayer mode game and he did it brilliantly. New versions are available for sale such as Graalonline zone, Graalonline classical +.

Moreover, before these games became available on the iOs platform, he renamed Eurocenter to call it Eurocenter Games and created a large consortium named Eurocenter Group. Afterwards, he participated in the first launch of the video games available on Appstore. The following steps illustrate Stéphane Portha's major achievements:

  • Collaboration with several companies of the digital world such as Linux, Neogeo,
  • Creation of his own company in 1989 and change of name to Eurocenter Games
  • Participation in the first launch of video games visible only on Appstore in 2007
  • Development of the multiplayer game GraalOnline
  • Sale of multiple versions of his game on the iOS platform